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Create Your Own Wig Help Guide

Creating your own wig can be challenging, so this help guide was created to explain the Create Your Own Wig ordering process thoroughly. To assist with the ordering of your Create Your Own Wig, please read below:

All Create Your Own Wigs can take up to 21 days if you didn't apply Add-Ons. Add-Ons will have the additional day(s) your wig will take to make. Ex. (1 Day)


1) HD Frontal Wig or HD Closure Wig

Depending on how much parting space you want determines if a frontal or closure wig is best for you. 
  • If you want parting space from ear to ear, our 13x6 HD Frontal Wig would be your best option.
  • If you only care for a smaller parting space, our 5x5 HD Closure Wig is the one for you.


2) Texture

  • Bouncy Body Wave: Bouncy Body Wave come in a deep S-Shape wave pattern for a voluminous, effortless addition to your look. The loose curl pattern looks great in its natural state and can be straightened or curled to your individual preference.
  • Curvaceous Curly: Curvaceous Curly have a defined coiled pattern with a luscious, bouncy texture. The texture and pattern will give you a natural, beautiful, and effortless look! 
  • Silky Straight: Silky Straight is exceptionally soft and gives you a truly effortless look.


3) Length of HD Lace

We recommend getting your HD lace one length shorter or the exact length of our desired wig. If your preferred wig is longer than 20", we suggest getting the 20" HD lace.


4) Number of Bundles and Length of Bundles

Selecting the number of bundles allows you to determine your wig's density, and depending on your ideal wig length can affect the number of bundles you want in your wig.
  • 14" wigs, we recommend 2 bundles.
  • 16" - 20" wigs, we recommend 3 bundles.
  • 22" - 26" wigs, we recommend 4 bundles.
  • 28" - 30" wigs, we recommend 5 bundles.

For a thicker, fuller look, add an extra bundle to any style!


5) Parting

  • Left Side: A defined part on the left side of your head. More hair will fall to the right.
  • Middle: A defined center part through the wig
  • Right Side: A defined part on the right side of your head. More hair will fall to the left.
  • Free Part: No defined part creating the flawless flip-over look.


6) Style

  • Natural State: No heat will be applied. The recommended option for naturally curly hair.
  • Straighten: Adds a silky, bone straight look.
  • Curled: Adds bouncy curls.
  • Crimped: Adds beautiful waves.


7) Layers/ Cut

We are not the type to be "scissor happy," therefore we like the cut to a minimum.
  • None: No hair would be cut.
  • Layers In The Front: Framing your face.
  • Layers All Over: Add volume and more movement.
  • Blunt Cut: The exact length all around.


8) Add Jet Black

Jet Black adds the appearance of fuller hair and an extra level of shine. This Add-On will require an additional day for us to complete your wig.

9) Agreement

You are required to understand the agreement(s) of Create Your Own Wig. If you do not acknowledge the agreement(s), your wig will not be processed, and you will receive a return within 48 hours.



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