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Hair Care

Your Radiant Extensionz hair will last a minimum of 3 years with proper care and maintenance. Here are a few tips to help you preserve your investment and get the most out of it.


Keep Your Hair Extensions Clean!

  • Dirty hair never looks good. Make sure you wash and detangle your hair extensions after every use. I recommend washing your hair extensions once a week. To keep your hair looking luxurious and healthy, treat them like the million-dollar investment they are.

It's Too Hot!

  • Don't kill your investment! Use a heat protectant every time you use heat tools on your hair extensions. If you can, I recommend you let your hair air dry. I mean, you spend all that money on hair extensions, so why would you fry them up?! You've got RADIANT hair extensions, so protect it!

DIY Coloring Hair.

  • Leave the coloring to a specialist. I know there are thousands of "How to color and dye your hair at home" videos on YouTube. Still, I highly recommend seeking a professional colorist to prevent you from damaging your hair extensions caused by watching a DIY coloring video. This is why I recommend getting professional help when it comes to dying or coloring your hair.

Before You Go To Bed.

  • Make sure your hair extensions are ready for bed. When sleeping in your hair extensions, always sleep in a braided hairstyle with a satin bonnet or pillowcase to reduce tangling and matting so you wake up to perfect hair. And another thing to make sure of, never go to bed with your hair wet. If you sleep with wet hair, your head will look like a Chia Pet in the morning. 

Treat Your Hair Extension With Love!

  • Routinely treat your hair extensions to a deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning brings the hair extensions' strands back to life. Also, detangle at least twice a day to prevent knots and shedding. Your hair extensions will love it, and you will love what your hair extensions will do for you. Not only will the hair extensions feel softer, silkier, and smoother, but they will also look healthier. 

Enjoy being Radiant!

  • Your hair extensions won't be the only thing shining. Your confidence will be shining from miles, and everyone who crosses your path will feel your warmth. You will have a bounce in your step, and your hair extensions will be bouncing, too. Enjoy Being Radiant!


For Step-By-Step Instructions on how to wash your hair extensions, click here.

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